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Term of Use for Listing/Advertisers

INTRODUCTION : GkpMart Provides Users with its search service with information and user reviews for our database of local business, products and services in Gorakhpur city . Gkpmart search service is available to users through multiple platform like Internet, mobile internet, voice, text & SMS. GkpMart is merely a medium which connects general public with vendor’s goods and services listed on GkpMart however at the same time it does not intend to guarantee any business to such Vendors. The GkpMart’s objective is to provide fast modern guide for updated Information in a user friendly and comfortable manner.

SUBSCRIPTION: Advertisers may be business houses, small medium enterprises, corporate entities, semi-corporate entities, establishments or individuals, who subscribe to the Service in order to list their company or business. GkpMart will provide only the Information about the Advertiser to the Users in the manner provided for in these Terms. Advertiser agrees and acknowledges that GkpMart does not guarantee any business to the Advertiser and is merely a medium through GkpMart reserves the right to change the aforesaid Advertising Listing options by adding new listings or deleting the existing listings or adding, deleting, modifying or merging any categories or keywords. In the event the listing applied for in the Contract Form is no longer available, The final decision making power with regard to Listing shall however vest in GkpMart and such decision shall be final and binding on the Advertiser. which information is made available to the general public. all the power of alternation is reserved with GkpMart.

LISTING POLICY The charge paid by advertiser shall not be refundable for listing service which will be define by GkpMart at the time of entering in the contract . GkpMart does not take accountability to generate or guarantee Enquiries or business to the Advertiser. Gkpmart Has very restricted obligation because it does not offering the market nor bind to recommend advertiser to user. GkpMart does not guarantee that enquiries will be generated by it for the Advertisers.

MODIFICATIONS: GKPMART reserves the right to change the terms of the Contract or the Terms of Service at any time without any prior notice to the Advertiser. Changes to the terms of the Contract or the Terms of Service shall come into effect upon from the time it is put up on the Website or by any other mode of communication as may be determined by GKPMART.